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Same Day Electric takes care of all your Utah electrical repair needs!


Same Day Electric takes care of all your electrical repair needs. Many homes in Utah county and the surrounding area are aging, and so are the electrical wires, and devices within those homes. To make sure your home is up to code, and properly safe for your families call Same Day Electric today for a discount on a Home Diagnostic of the electrical in your home!


  • Panel Replacement/Upgrade
  • Circuit Upgrades
  • Outlet, Switches Upgrade
  • Home Rewire
  • Fixture Replacement/Upgrade


Your house is where the most important possessions/people in your life reside. Isn’t it important that you make sure that the electrical within that home is up to code, and properly done, so that your loved ones are safe. Give Same Day Electric a call today, and they will help put your mind at ease!


These guys upgraded the electrical panels and meters in two of my rental units as well as update the outlets, switches and light fixtures. They did a great job! They were fast, performed quality work and at a better price than the three other companies I had bid the job. I would definitely recommend Steve and Roger to anyone that needs any kind of electrical work done! I will definitely use them again.



Same Day Electric was very professional. They were prompt, completed their projects, quickly and went above and beyond to make sure that they made my home better than it was before they came. I highly recommend this company. They were very easy to work with and beat the previous bids I had received.



Fast and friendly service and willing to work with what is convenient for you! I call Steve for any of my electric problems! At a very reasonable price too! Love the work they do!



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Utah County Electrical Repairs

Same Day Electric is a Utah County electrician business that provides comprehensive electrical repair services for residents and businesses. This guide will cover everything you need to know about electrical repairs, including common issues, safety precautions, and tips for choosing the right electrician. By the end, you will understand what to expect when hiring a professional electrician business like Same Day Electric in Utah County.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Electrical Repairs

Common Electrical Issues and Repairs

Preventative Measures and Maintenance

Safety Precautions and Recommendations

Choosing a Qualified Electrician in Utah County

Costs and Estimates for Electrical RepairsFrequently Asked Questions

Introduction to Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs are essential to maintaining a safe and efficient home or business. They involve addressing issues with wiring, circuit breakers, outlets, and other electrical components. Professional electricians in Utah County are well-equipped to diagnose and repair these issues, ensuring your electrical system functions correctly and safely.

The Importance of Electrical Repairs

Regular electrical repairs are crucial for several reasons:

Safety: Faulty electrical systems can lead to fires, electrocution, and other dangerous situations. Ensuring that your electrical components are in good working order helps prevent accidents and protect your property and loved ones.

Efficiency: A well-maintained electrical system is more energy-efficient, saving you money on utility bills.

Value: Keeping your electrical system in good condition can also increase the value of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Common Electrical Issues and Repairs

There are various electrical issues that homeowners and businesses may experience, including:

Faulty wiring: Damaged or outdated wiring can cause a range of problems, from flickering lights to power outages. A professional electrician can identify and repair wiring issues, ensuring a safe and efficient electrical system.

Tripped circuit breakers: Circuit breakers are designed to trip when they detect an overload or short circuit, protecting your home from electrical fires. However, they can also wear out over time and may need replacement.

Electrical surges: Sudden spikes in voltage can damage appliances and electronics. An electrician can help identify the cause of electrical surges and install surge protectors to prevent future issues.

Malfunctioning outlets: If your outlets are not providing power or are hot to the touch, a professional electrician can diagnose and repair the issue.

Preventative Measures and Maintenance

To avoid electrical issues and minimize the need for repairs, it's essential to practice proper maintenance and take preventative measures, such as:

Regular inspection: Have a qualified electrician inspect your electrical system at least once every few years, or more often if you have an older home or experience frequent issues.

Upgrade outdated systems: If your home has outdated wiring, fuses, or circuit breakers, consider upgrading to modern components for improved safety and efficiency.

Use surge protectors: Protect your electronics and appliances by using surge protectors, which help prevent damage from electrical surges.

Avoid overloading circuits: Be mindful of the number of appliances and electronics you plug into a single circuit to prevent overloading and tripping circuit breakers.

Safety Precautions and Recommendations

When dealing with electrical issues, it's important to follow safety precautions to minimize the risk of accidents, including:

Hire a licensed electrician: Always enlist the help of a qualified, licensed electrician for any electrical repairs or installations.

Switch off the power: Before attempting any electrical work, turn off the power at the main breaker panel to minimize the risk of electrocution.

Use proper tools and equipment: Ensure that any tools and equipment used for electrical work are insulated and rated for electrical use.

Avoid DIY repairs: Unless you have proper training and experience, avoid attempting electrical repairs yourself, as improper repairs can result in dangerous situations.

Choosing a Qualified Electrician in Utah County

When hiring an electrician in Utah County, consider the following factors:

Licensing: Ensure the electrician is licensed to perform electrical work in Utah. Licensed electricians have completed the necessary training and passed a state examination.

Experience: Look for an electrician with experience in the type of electrical repair or installation you need.Insurance: Confirm that the electrician carries liability insurance to protect your property in case of an accident or damage.

References: Ask for references from previous clients and check online reviews to gauge the electrician's reputation and quality of work.

Costs and Estimates for Electrical Repairs

The cost of electrical repairs in Utah County will depend on various factors, including:

The complexity of the repairThe electrician's hourly rateAny necessary permits or inspectionsReplacement parts or materials required

To get an accurate estimate for your electrical repair, request quotes from multiple electricians and compare their rates, experience, and reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions related to Utah County electrician electrical repairs:

Q: How often should I have my electrical system inspected?

A: Inspecting your electrical system at least once every few years or more frequently if you have an older home or experience frequent issues is recommended.

Q: How can I tell if my wiring is outdated?

A: Signs of outdated wiring include flickering lights, frequently blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers, and hot or discolored outlets or switches. If you suspect your wiring is outdated, consult a licensed electrician for an inspection and recommendations.

Q: Can I perform electrical repairs myself?

A: While some minor electrical repairs, such as replacing a light switch, can be done by homeowners with basic electrical knowledge, it's recommended to hire a licensed electrician for most repairs to ensure safety and proper workmanship.

In conclusion, electrical repairs are a vital aspect of maintaining a safe and efficient property in Utah County. By understanding common issues, preventative measures, safety precautions, and how to choose a qualified electrician, you can ensure that your electrical system remains in top condition.

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