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Same Day Electric takes care of all your Utah ceiling fan needs!


Same Day Electric takes care of your ceiling fan installation needs. Many homes in Utah county and the surrounding area are aging, and so are their lighting devices in particular their ceiling fans. This can be very dangerous for the home owner. There is an increased risk of the fan mount to fail, and the fan come crashing down possibly injuring someone, and older fans use a lot more electricity to run! Talk to Same Day Electric today about options for updating your ceiling fan!


  • Standard Fans
  • Low Profile Fans
  • Energy Star Fans
  • Dual-Motor Fans
  • Damp and Wet Fans


Ceiling fans in the home don’t get the credit they deserve. they can really enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal, but even more importantly they can play a critical role in keeping air moving through your house, so it doesn’t get stagnate, and stale. We have been helping homeowners like yourselves optomize their living space, for air movement for the last 30 years! Give us a call today!


These guys upgraded the electrical panels and meters in two of my rental units as well as update the outlets, switches and light fixtures. They did a great job! They were fast, performed quality work and at a better price than the three other companies I had bid the job. I would definitely recommend Steve and Roger to anyone that needs any kind of electrical work done! I will definitely use them again.



Same Day Electric was very professional. They were prompt, completed their projects, quickly and went above and beyond to make sure that they made my home better than it was before they came. I highly recommend this company. They were very easy to work with and beat the previous bids I had received.



Fast and friendly service and willing to work with what is convenient for you! I call Steve for any of my electric problems! At a very reasonable price too! Love the work they do!



Utah County Ceiling Fan Installation, Services and Repairs

This comprehensive guide will thoroughly explore electrician services related to ceiling fans. This includes the installation, repair, maintenance, and common issues homeowners face with ceiling fan systems. We aim to provide a complete understanding of the subject, including related topics and possible queries that users may search for.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Ceiling FansInstallation Services

  • Repair and Maintenance Services

  • Common Issues

  • Safety and Energy Efficiency Tips

  • Choosing the Right Electrician

  • Conclusion

1. Introduction to Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans serve multiple purposes in a home, such as providing a comfortable living environment, improving air circulation, and helping to reduce energy costs.

They come in various styles, sizes, and functions, which cater to the unique needs and preferences of homeowners.

Proper installation, maintenance, and repairs are crucial for ceiling fans' smooth operation and longevity.

2. Installation Services

2.1 New Ceiling Fan Installation

A professional electrician can provide expert installation services for new ceiling fans, ensuring they are safely and correctly installed according to manufacturer guidelines and local electrical codes.

This may include:

  • Assessing the suitability of the location

  • Mounting the fan bracket

  • Wiring the fan motor

    • Assembling and attaching fan blades

  • Balancing the fan

  • Installing the fan control switch

  • Testing for proper operation

2.2 Ceiling Fan Replacement

Over time, ceiling fans may become outdated, damaged, or less efficient. In such cases, homeowners may choose to replace their existing ceiling fans. A professional electrician can assist with the removal of the old fan and the installation of the new one.

3. Repair and Maintenance Services

3.1 Common Repair Services

  • Electricians offer repair services to address various issues that may arise with ceiling fans, including:

  • Loose or damaged wiring

  • Faulty switches or controls

  • Malfunctioning fan motors

  • Wobbling or unbalanced fansDamaged or warped fan blades

3.2 Maintenance Services

Routine maintenance is essential for the proper functioning and longevity of ceiling fans. Some common maintenance tasks that electricians can provide include:

  • Cleaning and dusting fan blades and components

  • Tightening loose screws and connections

  • Lubricating fan motor and bearings

  • Inspecting and adjusting fan balance

  • Checking for proper voltage and wiring connections

4. Common Issues

Homeowners may encounter various issues with their ceiling fans, such as:

  • Noisy operation

  • Wobbling or unbalanced fans

  • Fan not operating on all speeds

  • Fan not working or responding to the control switch

  • Lights flickering or not functioning

In many cases, these issues can be resolved through professional repair and maintenance services provided by a skilled electrician.

5. Safety and Energy Efficiency Tips

When dealing with ceiling fans, it is essential to prioritize safety and energy efficiency. Some tips for homeowners include:

  • Ensure that ceiling fans are installed at least 7 feet above the floor and 18 inches away from walls.

  • Use Energy Star-rated fans for increased energy efficiency and cost savings.

  • Use the fan's counterclockwise rotation during summer to create a cooling effect.

  • During winter, use the fan's clockwise rotation to circulate warm air trapped near the ceiling.

  • Regularly clean and maintain the fan to ensure peak performance and safety.

6. Choosing the Right Electrician

When selecting an electrician for ceiling fan services, homeowners should consider the following factors:

  • Licensure and Insurance

  • Experience and expertise in ceiling fan installation and repair

  • Reputation and customer reviews

  • Availability and response time

  • Communication and customer service

  • Service guarantees and warranties

7. Conclusion

In conclusion, electrician services for ceiling fans encompass installation, repair, and maintenance tasks that ensure these essential home fixtures' proper functioning, safety, and longevity.

By understanding the various services available, common issues, and tips for energy efficiency and safety, homeowners can make informed decisions when seeking professional assistance for their ceiling fan needs.

Always choose a reputable, experienced electrician to guarantee the best results and customer satisfaction.

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